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We are the Bail Experts!


If you find yourself in a situation where you need a bail bond for the first time, we are available to help. You probably only need a signature prior to being released on bail and will be able to pay upon release. Every situation may be different, but everyone is a priority to us, no matter the size of the bond. Don't hesitate to ask questions! The legal process can be confusing and cumbersome. Our professional and experienced staff will be able to assist you and your family to secure your release on bond. The bailbond agency and bondsman that your family chooses does make a difference!  Go with the best! We look to make the process as stress-free as possible during a very stressful time. 

First offenses, DUI, Battery, Petit Theft, Domestic Violence, Loitering, Disorderly Conduct, Driving without a license, Driving with a suspended license, Shoplifting, Public Intoxication, and any other misdemeanor charges in Florida.


Shamrock Bail Bonds can write a bond for any bondable offense. In most cases our defendants are released within hours! Give us a call to talk about your specific bail needs today!  (239) 332-2245

We can offer you and your family our assistance! Being accused of a crime is a serious matter! Get out of jail on bail!


Local or State, Even nationwide!

If you feel that you may have a warrant out for your arrest, pick up the phone and call us today! We can help you arrange for your bond, prior to your arrest. Our premier location is in convenient walking distance to the Lee County Jail in Fort Myers, FL. With such an ideal location, we are able to guide our clients around the legal community. We have walked families to the waiting area of the jail to wait for their loved ones to be released and we will direct you or walk you to the courthouse's entrance. Navigating the legal community can be intimidating and cumbersome. Shamrock Bail Bonds' priority is client relationships, ease of service, and going above and beyond the standard. 


We understand that legal issues may bring about significant financial strain. Please contact us to discuss your specific case! We would love to explore payment options with you!

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