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What is a bail bond in the state of Florida?

We get the question, "What is a bail bond?" a lot, in our line of work. To summarize, a bail bond is a written, contractual agreement that is made by a defendant who is accused of a crime, to appear for their trial. The bond is signed by a bondsman, who in turn charges the defendant and their indemnitor/cosigner a 10% fee of the face amount of the bond, at a minimum of $100 fee, per charge. This type of bond is called a surety bail bond.

This type of bond is called a surety bond. It is posted by the bondsman/defendant/cosigner in lieu of paying the full payment of the bail that was set by the court and/or bond schedule. If your loved one is charged with a crime, with bail set at $10,000, the bail bondsman in the state of Florida is legally allowed to charge 10% of the $10,000, which would make the amount due $1,000.

If the defendant is charged with two counts of a crime where the bond is set at $10,000 on charge #1 and $750 on charge number two, the amount due would be set at $1,100 in premium. In Florida, the minimum amount of premium per charge is $100.

Judges typically have significant latitude to set bail at first appearance. We encourage our clients to seek bail immediately in order to avoid the risk of having to pay more. A judge may deny bail altogether if the defendant is viewed as violent, a flight risk, and the court may consider any and all circumstances which cannot be argued at the time of the bail hearing.

The premium charged is for the services of the bondsman, the bail bond company, and the risk that is inherent in any transaction such as bail. Premium is not refundable once services are rendered.

If you find that you are in a situation where you or a loved one are placed under arrest, please give us a call immediately so we can discuss your situation and options.

#Shamrock Bail Bonds is here to help your family through this difficult time. Our office is located at 1528 Broadway in downtown Fort Myers, in the beautiful river district. Our service is discreet and we have been in our current location for over 8 years.


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