Bail is an essential part of the legal system! Bail is the mechanism that allows the accused person to be out of custody while their case is being prepared for their "day in court." The right to reasonable bail is constitutionally guaranteed under the eighth amendment of the constitution! 

What is bail?

What is a Bail Bond? How does it work? 

A bail bond is a financial guarantee. This guarantee is made by the defendant of a criminal charge and an indemnitor/cosigner for the defendant, in addition to the face amount of the entire bail that was set by schedule or by the judge.


State law mandates that bail bondsmen charge 10% of the total bail amount. The state minimum charge per offense is $100, if the bond amount is under $1,000. For example, if a defendant is facing two charges, and their booking sheet notes that the first charge has a bond set for $10,000 and a second charge that has a bond set for $750, the bondsman would be required to charge $1,100.


Most of the time, we won't need collateral. We will probably need signatures on promissory notes, an indemnity agreement, and your collateral receipt will reflect exactly what we discussed.


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