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What is a Bail Bond? How does it work? 

A bail bond is a financial guarantee. This guarantee is made by the defendant of a criminal charge and an indemnitor/cosigner for the defendant, in addition to the face amount of the entire bail that was set by schedule or by the judge.


State law mandates that bondsmen charge 10% of the total bail amount. The state minimum charge per offense is $100, if the bond amount is under $1,000. For example, if a defendant is facing two charges, and their booking sheet notes that the first charge has a bond set for $10,000 and a second charge that has a bond set for $750, the bondsman would be required to charge $1,100.


Most of the time, we won't need collateral. Most cases require the completion of a bail application and signatures on indemnity agreements, promissory notes, and a collateral receipt will reflect exactly what we discussed.


Just give us a call to go over your case, your loved one's case, or if you want to ask a licensed bail bond agent a question regarding anything about bail bonds! Shamrock Bail Bonds wants their clients to be informed consumers. Shamrock Bail Bonds' goal is to be the easy part of the legal process. Let us help you and your loved one today!

Why choose Shamrock Bail Bonds?

Shamrock Bail Bonds has been at 1528 Broadway in Fort Myers, FL since 2012. We are intimately familiar with the legal process. We are professional, knowledgable, reliable, and will make sure your loved one's release is as expeditious as possible. We serve the entire State of Florida but have an extensive transfer network throughout the United States. Our office is located in Lee County. If you need a bond - fast - call us. 

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